5 Things in My Kitchen Right Now...

5 Things In My Kitchen Right Now...

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1. Stainless Steel Cookware. There’s research coming out about nonstick pans and their toxicity when heated. (Obviously, this is a huge concern since pans are always heated…) I haven’t gotten rid of all of our nonstick pans yet, but I am trying to cook a lot more with quality stainless pans. They take a bit more time, but my husband and I both think the food tastes better from them. I'm currently using these All-Clad Stainless Steel pans. 

2. A Spiralizer! Notice the zucchini noddles I’m holding in this picture?! I paid way too much for them! I found my old spiralizer and am using that to make zoodles… so easy and so tasty! This is my current spiralizer (but there are a lot of good, easy-to-use brands!)

3. Good Fats: I love cooking with high quality olive oil, avoado oil, and grapeseed oil—but I’m also not afraid of grassfed butter! My favorite brand of the moment is Kerrygold Irish Butter because all cows in Ireland are grassfed (not sponsored, just a fan).

4. Organic Produce: Summertime is the perfect chance to buy local. I feel like when I buy/eat seasonally, I don’t have to use as many spices or sauces to make things taste good—because my food is already in it’s best, most ripe form.

5. A good wooden spatula. Because we’ve tried to switch to metal pans, I’m using my silicone spatulas a bit less (and metal, to avoid scratching). Loving this wooden spatula.