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A couple years ago, while working a corporate job, I had a dream about starting a food blog. I wanted to start a food blog because I wanted more people to feel confident in the kitchen cooking REAL, hearty, (but also healthy) food. I just felt like the kitchen shouldn’t be so ambiguous or snooty. So, I launched Table to Soul, and things pretty much took off.

Over the past two years, I’ve been sharing recipes, teaching at Bob’s Red Mill Cooking School, and cooking on TV! I love it all! But my passions have also expanded beyond just the kitchen.

In this blog, I share (mostly) healthy recipes—but I also now include things that friends and followers have asked about over the years… like pregnancy, motherhood, fitness, and other lifestyle interests!

I’d love to connect with you… Since I probably can’t have you over for a cozy home-cooked meal, we’ll have to settle for social media. I’m (mostly) on Instagram @Tiff.Kent !



Just me and my lucky spatula from  Williams-Sonoma !

Just me and my lucky spatula from Williams-Sonoma!