We're Pregnant! First Update!

We’re Pregnant!!!

We kept this secret for a bit longer than the normal 12 weeks to savor some extra time with it just between us, but now that we’re ready to share, I’m all about talking sharing the details! I thought it would be fun to share some insight into this little journey! 

 We're pregnant!!!

We're pregnant!!!

Tiffany Kent pregnant
 These photos were taken by my dear friend COURTNEY MEILI. Her website is www.cournteymeili.com

These photos were taken by my dear friend COURTNEY MEILI. Her website is www.cournteymeili.com

How we found out: We had purchased our (current) home and were going to rent out our former place, so we had to be out by the first of March. I had been feeling SO tired while we were packing to move, but I chalked it up to the chaos of moving. When we finally moved into the new place, it was undergoing a huge renovation (like, we redid EVERYTHING—dust, contractors, nails everywhere). We didn’t have carpet, a working kitchen, access to our great room, or even our master bathroom when we first moved in. I continued feeling a bit “off” but chalked it up to the stress of going through a remodel… Then, the first week in our new home, with the remodel going strong, we got a brand new puppy (because we do life on hard mode).

Anyway, fast forward a few days. I was out for a run and felt really nauseous. I thought it was because my husband and I had ordered takeout (because we didn’t have a working kitchen). (Looking back it’s SO obvious I was pregnant, but even though we had begun trying that month, I was literally oblivious.) A few days later, while at Target (#basic, I know) I walked past the feminine aisle and bought a few tests to “rule out” pregnancy. Later that night, I casually took a test (fully expecting a negative) and—well—those two lines weren’t messing around! I ran into our bedroom and told J… we cried, prayed, laughed, and felt really thankful (but also, we felt totally shocked!)

Due date: November (though our doctor said she wouldn’t be surprised if he was a jack-o-lantern…so who knows?! Sometime this Fall!) I don’t want to stress about a particular date because only 30% of babies arrive on their “due date”.

Most Surreal moment: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time!!! And seeing the ultrasound. And finding out ‘it’ was a HE!

Thankful for: a healthy baby! We did the genetics testing a few weeks ago and we’re just grateful he’s healthy. Also, so thankful for the women in my life who have been honest and encouraging about their pregnancy journeys! I’ve shared the news with a few close friends who have gone through it and their wisdom has been amazing. Finally, thankful for my running buddy! There have been days when I’ve had to walk because “I think I might throw up” and she’s been so patient! I’m so thankful to be past the nausea.

Symptoms: In the first trimester I had a lot of nausea and felt like a walking zombie. I quit coffee the day I found out I was pregnant so I had some headaches, but those went away! The past few weeks I’ve felt really great—like my old self again. I still get a little tired at night, but at least I’m not napping every day!

Perspective: I’m trying to be as healthy as possible in this pregnancy. I ran every day maybe 4 or 5 in the first trimester and am continuing to strength train so I can be my very best for this sweet little kiddo! (There’s a lot of commentating about women who run while pregnant, but my doctor says I’m good to go because I was in marathon shape before conceiving. I run at a slower pace these days, but I plan on getting my miles in as long as I can.)

I’m eating a ton of healthy fats (avocado is life), protein, veggies and fruit! I’ll share some awesome products I’ve found as well—like plant-based electrolytes I drink to hydrate!

Cravings and Aversions: To be totally honest… I’m not entirely sure I think cravings are a real thing (but maybe that will change?! – I’ll let you know if I get any pickle cravings!). I’ve been eating more red meat than usual (probably because my body likes the iron). Peanut butter is the only thing that sounds disgusting to me (which is SO weird because a lot of my pregnant friends love it)—but almond butter is great!

Overall... I'm JUST SO EXCITED for this journey!